Notes on new site.

  • Use Oddmuse wiki for all content (this one)
  • Add blog type view if required
  • RSS view
  • Zaltana formatting
  • New design (start really simple)
  • Source code formatting (in wiki or oddmuse or both)
  • Search text highlighting
  • Internal search (Lucene plugin to Oddmuse)
  • Category system
  • Tag system ??? (see other search systems) - compare Category to Tag


  • Zaltana default style
    • Top bar with logo
    • Simple menu
  • Footer
    • Contact info
    • Copyright
  • Sidebar (left or right?)
    • News
    • Main categories
    • What's new on wiki

Wiki Changes

  • Style for Category
  • Style for search results
  • Formatting of files - with download link
    • Special action including which comment block
    • Or put file up separately and embed

Other Things

  • Business Cards

Final stages

  • Redirect old pages to new location (ModRewrite or similar)
  • Make sure pages like this are logged in only users


  • Comment system