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I am an expert in building development teams from 2 to 24. During my time I have learnt many positive and negative aspects to developing a good team. Here are some notes.

The Team not the Direction

The most important thing is the team. The team is together, moving along the path of a project, company or similar. Directions (specs and scope) and Destinations (projects and companies) and even Vehicles (tools) change all the time. But the team is what is important.

If the team changes each time a Direction, Destination or Vehicle changed then it would mean two things:

Conflict is Good

My father in-law, an academic professor, finds someone to have a fight with each week. If everyone agrees with him he won't progress his theories.


Conflict is fine, but always end up thanking each other for the discussion. You can't always get everyone to agree, it is fine to agree to disagree. But don't avoid the conflict or you are not contributing. At the same time dominant characters need to be careful on how they receive that conflict, and need to help make it equitable.

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