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Test vs Visual programming language...

Every few months you see an argument like this:


It is well written, really looks like the right ideas, but misses one really important point:

TEXT is better.

Funny how the more advanced someone is at their job the closer they get to working in text. Some of the most advanced mathematicians I know prefer text based languages to visual maths; same goes for authors, especially of fairly large books; and of course graphic modellers. Some of the best 3D printed models I have seen have been done in code.

Web development has spend more than a decade working on GUIs - they are fantastic, awesome, amazing, and yet - all the best designers I know work in text !

Mind you, the rapid review process is good - the idea of changing text and seeing instant results I think is actually quite good. Something worth watching. I used to code for a while and wait for more than an hour to compile. Now I hit reload and 1 second later I see my changes.

The reality is, that for an advanced person, text is easier, faster, more flexible.

The problem with text, maths, books, 3D models, programming - is learning time. Visual environments can reduce learning time - so good for something you do occasionally.

Be a professional, use text.