This is my "Thank You Rubbish" page.

I think we need to start a "Thank You Rubbish" blog. The idea is that recycling is a good thing; Hard waste is great, if it is collected before the rubbish truck; Compressing the hard waste in a dump truck (as Nillumbik did this year) is terrible waste (pun probably intended).

So this is my first set of thank you's to those who have donated their great things to me.

TODO: Photos of each.


  • Briggs and Stratton / XXX mower. 10 minutes to clean and started.
  • Keg - rubbish, but funny
  • Rocking soft cow, with working moo
  • Large pine box with brass fittings - using it for my rubber boots, shoes etc
  • Kids art easel (yep another one, better this one, magnetic white board, chalk board, perfect cond.)
  • Small table on wheels (missing wood)
  • Tiled coffee table, missing legs (I had spare pine legs to use)
  • Medium sized lockable metal cabinet with internal shelf
  • Lots of shelves inserts from book shelve (I use them with angle brackets)
  • Split music church style keyboard (needed new power plug and a couple of solder points)
  • Quality wooden slatted blind (white) - never used
  • 4 x metal slatted blinds - never used
  • Metal stove top kettle, good quality
  • Stainless steel cocktail shaker
  • Kids cassette tape read along books, not open
  • Kids backpack, practically new
  • A thing, I can't say, it was a present, but it is $400 new, and goes for about $80 on ebay.
  • Kids ride on train
  • Banans in pyjamas framed poster

The things I could not fit in the car make me want to drive around with a trailer during hard waste.


  • Spear - marine style
  • Plastic kids slide
  • Wood enough to build: Steps; Kids swing set; Work bench at French Island.
  • Kids wooden chair
  • 4 plastic outside stackable chairs
  • Aluminium fly screen door (fly screen still in tact!)
  • Ikea kids high chair (slightly sun damaged but perfect otherwise)
  • Dresser top (beautiful, large, stain glass window) from Freecycle
  • Cups, Plates, Soup cups
  • Two framed bathroom dioramas


  • Kitchenaide (Yes a whole one, fully working)
  • a dozen stainless steel kitchen implements (smoke damaged, but just needed cleaning)
  • Kids art easel
  • Kids swinging frame (no swings, but bought some cheap ones from hardware store)
  • Kids plastic school table with metal legs (good for art)
  • 2 wooden kids chairs, needed some new screws and working
  • Walking machine - electronics broken, mechanics fine (not sure if I can fix this yet)
  • At least 5 kids bikes ranging from about 5 to 14 yo size. All of them fully working even tyres.

Places, Legalities and more

Free cycle



I remember we used to go to the tip and get things. Excellent stuff. You used to have to pay a little for removal, and for adding, but you got some excellent recycling. Now of course we have insurance ! Well should I say, we have litigation. It's too dangerous to let some loose at a tip.

Country tips still exist and can be very useful.

Wasted opportunity

A tip, I won't mention where... makes money by collecting steel in a special place. It pays for itself with the steel it sells. So why is it that each time I go there I see 100s of steel items from drums to chairs to fridges, thrown into the deep holes ! Not to mention the bottles and cans by the thousands.

Electrical cords

We noticed a person going around the country side cutting off electrical cords from all equipment. People I talked to said that the equipment they put carefully on the side of the road, such as CD players, old TVs, amplifiers etc where all in working order and that they were often put in a safe, water proof place for people to take. But the cords are cut off, so this makes it hard for most people to deal with !


  • This article says that it is not legal to take in some councils due to local laws.
  • In this one the council says that they don't own it, and yet police arrested someone for steeling council property. It was dropped, but still !