Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

I have spent time on and off for the past 3 years talking and working on possible tracking solutions for our gliding. All solutions have been reasonably difficult either from a time or dollar perspective. In that time I also developed a google maps based waypoint and task editor (old demo here

In November these came together to the new glider tracking system. John Wharington stepped in to help out and ended up writing not only all the calculation code but a lot of the interface bits as well.

We have now successfully run two competitions - Australian Grand Prix and Australian Juniors. Feedback so far has all been very positive.

The basics

Gliding is a difficult sport to follow from the ground. Getting involved with the launch is fun but once they are off on their 2 to 6 hours adventure, you really having nothing to do but wait. Even when they get back home you don't know how they have compared. Competitions such as the Grand Prix have improved this by having a race horse start and exciting finish - but still nothing in between.

Enter the glider real time tracking - now we can watch, not only from the competition, but from anywhere in the world the race as it happens. We can see the speed each person is doing across the course, the distance, which turn point they are at, have they landed.

We are doing something completely new. We have built a system that is maintainable and cheap to run. Our intention is to have a system that is accessible to almost everyone in a club. Systems in the past have concentrated on live tracking of competition with lots of money - we want to see this in use in every day sports.

Where is it

(Please NOTE: As of this writing (2008-12-12) the site is working very poorly in Internet Explorer (bugs with the VML version of our code, and performance issues with IE) - so please use Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

What is it

  • For less than $500 a year, we can track a glider near real time (10 minute intervals)
    • Previous and competition available in this space has normally exceeded $3000
  • Mapping of competition task (including shaped turn points) and airfields
  • Using Google Maps for the terrain and satellite information
  • Ability to overlay weather information from [[RASP?]].
  • Statistics such as speed & distance
  • Presentation of important information - such as outlanding coordinates, status and more
  • Links to pilot information, photos and more.
  • Pretty and presentable graphics (even the glider graphics represent the direction they are flying).

I want one !

If you would like a tracking solution for your sport, service, business etc - please Contact me.

If you would like a SPOT Personal Satellite Tracker - please buy one from my site here -