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Vega is an advanced glide computer.

Vega Variometer is a voice system that incorporates standard vario audio plus voice announcements for average thermal readback, FLARM traffic ( when coupled to our OzFLARM system ) speed alerts, stall warning ( yes they have a stall warning system available for gliders! ) gear warning , drink water reminders as well as custom messages. The variometer uses latest technology pressure transducers ( 4 ! ) which are temperature compensated as well as using DSP techniques for software filtering ensuring accurate measurements - always. The use of accelerometers further enhances performance making this the most exciting developemt in recent times.

Although not in development I have helped with production of the initial 4 test units (originally called DVVS) and in alpha and beta testing the systems.

The best thing to use with Vega is a FLARM and an Altair or XCSoar running on a PDA.

Invert Switches

Configuration file for inverting switches is very powerful, but alos not really trivial.

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