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Discussion on web applications, and particularly web frameworks.

We have Catalyst and many others in perl, Rails of course, and many more...

Why !

The problem is that all these applications attack the problem from the same space - the language and libraries.

Web applications should be just like desktop applications, you use the operating system to do that separation of authentication and configuration etc.

There are two operating systems in the web:

The internet is a bit of a silly one, but in this case you can think of Mashups as a way of separating applications.

The real answer is the web server.

Yes there are a few web servers... Apache, Fast HTTP, many others.

But when you design an authentication system (and you can build one that works reasonably portably across at least a few of those) you have just written an authentication and authorization system that work for all languages, all frameworks, even static content.

How many operating systems have you used which build authentication into each application !

This is an early work in progress, but my previous attempts, like http://zaltana.org/ have been a long time in growth of understanding as well as code.

My early attempt at breaking down the main areas you need to create, and can the be moved:

Some great benefits:

Keys to success:

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