Scott Penrose

Why I Love Java

Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

I Love Java

  • Java has lots of people
  • Java has lots of support
  • Java has lots of money
  • I Love Java


  • Research money
  • Need to solve big problems
  • Companies want to outsource using Java
  • Code is so large it needs special tools
  • Unique set of problems that need solving
  • Therefore it gets the time and money to solve these


  • I Love Log4J
  • Log4J rocks
  • It is loved by devlopers and system admins
  • It is well supported
  • It is highly used
  • and the reason I love it
    • Log4*
    • Log4Perl
    • Log4PHP
    • Log4Ruby
    • Log4C


  • Although not invented by Java...
  • Java pushed the development of JIT
  • Java performance really improves with JIT
  • Other languages are now incorporating the research found

XML Pipelines

  • Cocoon
  • AxKit
  • SXPipeline, smallx, XProc, ...
  • Zaltana


  • It is important to test your code ! (no arguments)
  • jUnit
  • Note: SUnit for Small talk was the original... but...
  • Popularity through jUnit
  • pyUnit, PHPUnit
  • ASUnit (yes even Action Script)
  • cfcUnit, cUnit
  • Fruit - Fortran
  • dotUnit, objcUnit
  • Perl Test::More
  • VBUnit

Languages in Java VM

  • Java and the JVM are all over the place
  • Jython
  • JRuby
  • Groovy


  • My own favorite
  • Lucene is a free/open source information retrieval library.
  • Used by: Mediawiki, Liferay, Zimbra, Alfresco, IBM Omnifind, Jira, Monster, Sourceforge ...
  • Lucene Ports
  • Lucene4c - C
  • LuceneKit - in Objective-C
  • CLucene - C++
  • MUTIS - Delphi
  • Lucene.Net - a straight C#/.NET port
  • Lucene Ports continued
  • Plucene - Perl
  • Kinosearch - Perl
  • Pylucene - Lucene interfaced with Python
  • Ferret and RubyLucene - Ruby
  • Zend Framework (Zend Search Lucene) - PHP
  • Montezuma - Common Lisp

More notes: Lucene

Recent work on Lucene of Wikipedia

Import over 1000 recors per second - included parse time for XML on a VMWare Debian on my laptop

Complex search over the 5 million documents at 300+ queries per second. Including returning the data as Open Search (RSS) format.

More than 10 times faster than Java Lucene

Quarter the memory footprint of Java Lucene

Fully binary compatible data format with Java Lucene - so you can use all the Java tools.

I Love Java

  • Java is cool
  • I Love Java
  • It has the support
  • the money
  • the people
  • Keep an eye on Java
  • And learn from Java

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