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Wunderlist is awesome - lots of articles online on why. Portability (desktop, web, ipad, iphone, android ...), syncing, sharing...

One feature missing - bulk import...

use Wunderlist::REST;
use Data::Dumper;
my $api = Wunderlist::REST->new(
	login           => 'me@somewhere',
	password        => 'password',

# Get lists, find your id.
# say join(",", map { Dumper($_) } $api->lists());

my $list = 'AB0RAARuY1c';

my @entries = ();
while (<>) {
	# push @entries, $_;
	my $task = $api->addTask(
			title => $_,
			list_id => $list,
	# say Dumper($task);

Lots more options in that API - next I am going to write a tool to identify potential duplicates using stemmed words ordered etc.

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