Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Why Zaltana ?

If you want a child with the self-expression for sharing their vision with others, Zaltana would be a good name.

Welcome friends

Zaltana was started in 2005 and was released as Alpha mid 2006 and Beta early 2007. Further details contact Scott Penrose -

What is Zaltana

  • To reuse existing Open Source applications
  • To allow the integration of closed source applications
  • To appear as one consistent interface, incorporating applications written in different languages by different people
  • To provide a common look and feel for the user across all of these applications
  • To provide single sign-in across all applications
  • To document the techniques used to achieve this integration
  • To encourage the use of standard schemas (e.g. Micro formats)
  • To encourage the use of Open Source and Open Documents
  • To act as a catalyst for new standards where they are required
  • To enable the addition of advanced interfaces (DHTML, AJAX) within existing legacy applications
  • To integrate applications that encourage the Social portion of the Internet (e.g. Wiki, Blog, Gallery, Calendars, Forums).
  • To facilitate generation of new styles (look and feel as well as functional) without the need for a complete understanding of the applications
  • To be able to use existing styles with new applications and design new applications without understanding styles
  • To encourage and provide accessible web styles
  • To be lightly customisable (e.g. change style with only CSS) and heavily customisable (e.g. change style with XSL or Apache modules)

See Also

TODO Zaltana this site

As an example, I use Zaltana to run this and many other sites (e.g. - however there are improvements to make:

  • Remove tinymce_mi_additions.js - it is only required for MI code

  • Project
  • OpenSource
  • Perl
  • Javascript