"Zimbra - the leader in next-generation messaging and collaboration"

Zimbra is a dual license (open source and commercial version) email and messaging system.

Basic Features

Behind the scenes

  • Uses many open source products
    • Database: mysql, Lucene, Sleepy Cat
    • Apache (new version uses built in Java http server)
    • Postfix SMTP
    • Clam AV
    • Amavis
    • Open LDAP
    • and lots more
  • Manages the packages
    • Controls the operating system
    • Uses native package system, but not native packages
    • Does not play well with others
    • But that can be good - as it offers better control (automatic) of dependencies
  • Virtual Servers
    • Shared virtual servers like Zones (solaris) and vservers (linux) have difficulty
    • Mostly this is due to bindings to localhost and security

My Experience