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Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Seriously - if I ran my business this bad I would be out of business

(from the article above)

  • Since 2006 - 7 years
  • $5.2 million - Mac
  • $39 million - Windows
  • $1.8 millinon - other

That is $6 million a year. Or a team of 24 full time (using VERY conservative numbers).

I do take these numbers with a grain of salt. I don't know how they were calculated. Do they for example include support, and is that most of it?

Web App

OMG ! Really They still don't. I couldn't believe they produced the windows version. Then 10 years too late they produce a Mac version. Where is the Linux version? The iPad, the Android Tablet, the Windows 8 app, ...

Now imagine how easy the support and management of the web app is. No installation, easy version upgrades, etc.

This is not a 3D graphic game, with intensive use of GPU. The calculations are relatively simple. The data entry is very form based.

AND this is already an online application. Sort of. You generate your data and send it.


There is one issue with online. Privacy. We currently do not send raw data, but totals to tax office. By storing raw data that generats those totals, we would be sharing a little too much information. But there are even solutions to that.