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This is my random thoughts on the iPhone 3G. Mostly they are little problems I would like (to) solve(d).



Omni Focus

Fantastic TODO list, I can't do without it, but it has a few problems:


Network Sharing

I mean common really !!! What smoke are you on Apple. Why can't I share my network connection. I hear lots of rumors about AT&T restrictions, but they sound a bit too conspiratorial to me - but if they are true - APPLE, MY PROVIDER DOES NOT HAVE THESE RESTRICTIONS !

Open source development

Mostly this has worked out well with the new release. I can release my open source software for GPS navigation (not actually done yet...) and I can have others develop with it. But where it becomes difficult:

I can't find out how, but there is something about a restricted release. I would love to be able to release a version for say a dozen iPhones. Maybe Apple could have an application on the App store which does not appear in search and is restricted by a password, or auth id in the url, or say the first dozen loads - so we can release restricted alpha releases to a wider audience. Or just so we can fix one persons bug and get them to test if it fixes their problem.

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