This is my random thoughts on the iPhone 3G. Mostly they are little problems I would like (to) solve(d).



  • Very slow loading - take 13 seconds on my system before I can even click on the search box (well I can tap, but it doesn't come up for 13 seconds). This is too slow.
  • Looses location and open contact when calling. I often find I call someone on their home number, and if they are not there back to their mobile. But after I hang up on the first the contacts are back to the top and I have to wait another 13 seconds, then search then click on the next number. Very awkward.

Omni Focus

Fantastic TODO list, I can't do without it, but it has a few problems:

  • Takes about 4-6 seconds to load. This is not terrible, but a little annoying just to the front screen. It is likely that it is getting the list of open projects etc, but it would be easy to cache that on sync or save to prevent the need to detect those entries.
  • Sync fails a lot - often I get a dialogue asking me to use the Server or Local copy of the data. No ability to merge, and therefore loosing some data. This happens a little too often (once per week roughly).


Network Sharing

I mean common really !!! What smoke are you on Apple. Why can't I share my network connection. I hear lots of rumors about AT&T restrictions, but they sound a bit too conspiratorial to me - but if they are true - APPLE, MY PROVIDER DOES NOT HAVE THESE RESTRICTIONS !

Open source development

Mostly this has worked out well with the new release. I can release my open source software for GPS navigation (not actually done yet...) and I can have others develop with it. But where it becomes difficult:

  • How do I release a debug version to a say a dozen or so people. In our pocket PC applications we make the release available and do regular updates (too fast for App Store).
  • We all have to share an ID to build and release it. This means in reality that only one person can build and release it. Some applications debug nicely in the simulator which is good for most development, but not all.

I can't find out how, but there is something about a restricted release. I would love to be able to release a version for say a dozen iPhones. Maybe Apple could have an application on the App store which does not appear in search and is restricted by a password, or auth id in the url, or say the first dozen loads - so we can release restricted alpha releases to a wider audience. Or just so we can fix one persons bug and get them to test if it fixes their problem.