I purchased an iPhone 4S - not specifically because I wanted a 4S, but because my 3Gs had a broken screen, was a few years old and it was about time. I love the new camera, the speed is amazing, and all is pretty good.


Firstly, let me say that this is a fantastic service. The delay is a little annoying, and this is because it appears to do the processing of voice commands on an external server. This also means that if you are moving from wifi to 3G or similar you get a big delay.

Australian Issues and Resolution:

  • "Where am I" - the response says it can only tell me US Businesses. And yet...
    • What is wrong with responding with a "street and suburb" and an option to open maps ?
  • "What time is it" - The response is that it can't tell me what time it is at Street Address
    • Now you have a way of getting where you are - just ask it what time it is !
    • But really - my iPhone knows what time it is, why can't Siri just say it?
  • Reading Calendar - it can't ! That is a little broken. I can't see a reason it can show you your calendar, tell you if you are busy at a date/time, but not read any out.