I have a real problem with iTunes. Well lots of real problems. Here is some of them.

Recovery lost iPhone data

My iTunes was a mess, it was corrupt, and I was moving to a Mac book air with much smaller hard disk. No problem, moved all my music, movies etc onto my Mac Mini connected to the TV.

Next I started with my new iTunes, put a few songs I wanted on and it was time to hook up my iPhone.

  • Backed up the iPhone
  • Transferred all purchases to Mac (right click)
  • Sync apps - that should be safe right
    • Sync starts and says "3 Apps will be deleted, 1Passowrd, ..." - OK, Cancel
    • Cancel = and it deletes the apps !

I am not going to deal with Video and Music right now, because I can't use sync on my Mac Book Air as it doesn't have the goods.

Fire up my iPhone and AHHHH

  • iPhone has lost all layout - apps are all on separate pages and no longer in folders !
  • 1Password and some others are missing, yet they exist in iTunes
  • Even apps that were safe, like OmniFocus have lost all data, including sync settings

iPad File Transfer

I don't want to plug in iPad to iTunes just to put on some files. There are some alternative now, but they all require networking.