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FCP - FTP Copy

What is it...

This is a FTP copy program which is based on the same syntax as SCP or RCP Thus making life simple

There are a dozen programs to download from ftp, the most common used would be wget. However there seemed to be nothing to do uploads from the command line.

I have designed this to be simple, there are no options for changing from active to passive or other ftp specifics, but it is a start.

My primary goal was to edit my web page on my local box with vi, and then just upload it with a single line (thus even the password can be put in the url, although that is not recommended unless you are very carefull to remove history etc). Thus edit page, ctrl-z, up arrow, enter... :-)

How Does it Work

It takes advantage of the Net::FTP and other per libraries and a few regular expressions to emulate the rcp/scp command line only using the FTP protocol.

Why the name

Simple, f (being for ftp) cp (being for copy). Just like rcp, scp

Why was it developed

I was continually making mods to web pages on remote sites, to make life easier I was editing things locally and wanted to copy them accross to test or when finished. This was painfull because every time I went to do a put again my ftp connection had timed out. Also I use scp most of the time, so I wanted something that looked the same.


I beleive that the libraries used are all standard perl libraries installed with perl, therefore just put fcp into your /usr/local/bin or ~/bin (or anywhere else you want to execute things) and check that it is executable.


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Any contributions are gladly accepted. Obviously you will be credited and I am glad to accept input in almost any form, email, patch etc. If you are interested in more contribution then I can give you access to cvs.


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No oldies yet. Maybe next week :-)

Binary packages

Note this version is built on a 386 potato box, but it should work on any version as it is just perl. I will try and make the next version architect any. Also the directories files installed (ie: /usr/local/bin) are not debian/lfs standard, I whipped this up in 2 minutes, and will fix it next build.


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