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The base of my operations.

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1 Site MapContents

  • Home - The base of my operations
  • Attributes - An abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity
  • Narrative - Consisting of or characterised by the telling of a story
  • Quests - A search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria
  • Motley - A collection containing a variety of sorts of things
  • Copyright - A legal right that protects creative works from being disseminated without permission

2 NavigationContents

Although there are a number of links throughout the text on my site, almost all navigation is in the sidebar. When you open up an area you will be presented with an information page, but that does not necessarily contain links to all of the sub pages.

3 NewsContents

4 WelcomeContents

Hello and welcome to my web site. It is dedicated to random stuff, stuff that I write and Open Source Projects.

I have Amanda Penrose to thank for my beautiful design.

So who am, and why would you want to be here? I write software software.

Quest contain all my open source projects.

Attributes contains pictures and personal stuff

Motley contains all those other bits and pieces, again mostly about linux and open source.

5 Who Am IContents

My name is Scott Penrose and I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. You can find out more about me in Attributes.

6 Page HistoryContents

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