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1 CopyrightContents

All images and content within this site (unless specified otherwise) are Copyright Scott Penrose 2002, All Rights Reserved.

They may not be copied, redistributed or altered without my express permission.

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The web site images (navigation and decorations) and html have been created by Amanda Penrose

Code used to generate these pages includes (but is not limited to): Linux, VIM, Perl (and my own code), aptconvert and Template Toolkit. For full details see Motley/How

3 DisclaimerContents

I hate to write this junk - but the way of the world currently tells me I have to !

These are my personal opinions only and are not authoritative of any other organisation in any way

All the material contained in this site is provided in good faith. However, the information and opinion given is in the nature of general comment only, and should not be regarded as legal advice on any particular matter. I expressly disclaim all and any liability in relation to any act or omission which is done by any person in reliance on all or any part of this material, information or opinion.

Currently the only form of data stored by this site are standard apache logs. The information is only used for site statistics and can be publicly viewed.

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