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An abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity

1 My Love
2 Home
3 Work
3.1 Work experience
3.2 Dyno Dynamics (1998 - 1991)
3.3 Exicom Power (1991 - 1993)
3.4 Inprod (199? - 199?)
3.5 Smart Shop at Melbourne University (1993)
3.6 Melbourne University Student Union (1993 - 199?)
3.7 University of Melbourne Education Faculty (1996 - 1998)
3.8 Digital Dimensions (1994 - current)
3.9 myinternet (was Schoolsnet) (1996 - current)
4 Software
4.1 maillist ???
4.2 Mechanic
4.3 KTrials
4.4 SnapChat
4.5 XXX (look up Visual Basic app list)
4.6 XXX (look up EdFac portal list, and Novell user manager)
4.7 XXX (look up Fraynework CGI)
5 Page History

Literally - Meta information on myself.

1 My LoveContents

Amanda Penrose

The love of my life is Amanda Penrose. She is a full time web developer and maintains an absolutely huge site. You can find out everything you wanted to know about her at

2 HomeContents

You can find out more about me under Motley

Stuff you may find:

  • My house in the country
  • Animals (Mavrik, Bosco and more)
  • Electric Cars
  • Electric Scooters
  • Solar Power

3 WorkContents

This is by no means a comprehensive list of my work nor is it my resume.

3.1 Work experienceContents

3.2 Dyno Dynamics (1998 - 1991)Contents

Programming assembler and some QuickBasic for a mechanical accounting package - Mechanic. Also wrote some of the users manual.

3.3 Exicom Power (1991 - 1993)Contents

Started as storeman and moved to research and development where I built software for hardware control on 6800 porcessors‚ mostly in C. I also did some internal develoments in Visual Basic.

3.4 Inprod (199? - 199?)Contents

Development of SnapChat - a still picture capture, organise, transmit and discuss tool used on Oil Rigs by BHP. It was a very early version of a WhiteBoard tool designed to run over very small bandwidth (9600 modems over VHF radio links).

3.5 Smart Shop at Melbourne University (1993)Contents

3.6 Melbourne University Student Union (1993 - 199?)Contents

3.7 University of Melbourne Education Faculty (1996 - 1998)Contents

3.8 Digital Dimensions (1994 - current)Contents

My own company - see

3.9 myinternet (was Schoolsnet) (1996 - current)Contents

Scott Penrose has been a full time developer in linux for 10 years. He works full time for myinternet who produces excellent education access software. Over time he has produced many small bits of open source software from load limiters written in c for apache to parallel port controllers in perl. His passion is abstraction, writing APIs for things in perl and more recently internationalisation.

4 SoftwareContents

This is some of the software I have written over time, or contributed to.

4.1 maillist ???Contents

4.2 MechanicContents

4.3 KTrialsContents

4.4 SnapChatContents

4.5 XXX (look up Visual Basic app list)Contents

4.6 XXX (look up EdFac portal list, and Novell user manager)Contents

4.7 XXX (look up Fraynework CGI)Contents

5 Page HistoryContents

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