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1 LUV - Linux Users Victoria
2 LUV Programmers SIG
3 LUV Embedded
4 Debian Maintainer
5 Page History

1 LUV - Linux Users VictoriaContents

I have been a member of Linux Users Victoria pretty much since it started in ???. I have participated in meetings, given a talk on CGI programming and helped at Install Fests.

LUV Home Page

2 LUV Programmers SIGContents

More recently (2002) I have been an active member of the Programmers SIG, in part helping organise it with the current maintainer Graeme Cross.

Programmers SIG Home Page

3 LUV EmbeddedContents

New (end 2003) SIG (Special Interest Group) started to specialise in Embedded Linux Development.

4 Debian MaintainerContents

Actually... although I started this I have not completed my initiation. But I plan to start again soon.

5 Page HistoryContents

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